Jetstream is now source available

Published January 23, 2023
Austin Turner

Source Available

Jetstream is now a source available project! I have wanted to open up the project for quite some time, but there were a lot of decisions to be made and a lot of tedious work to be completed - but here we are!


I have always wanted to grow a business around Jetstream, but it just never came together and I have always focused on the project on the side and never took the big leap of faith it would take to quit my day job and try to start a business. In addition, I never found the perfect partner to help make it a reality.

Going source available and letting the project grow with community input and interaction felt like good second option to me for a few reasons:

  • I hope that the user community can be more involved in the product

  • There are some really interesting problems that I had to solve in the codebase which may be useful for other Salesforce developers

  • Funding. This might be a long shot, but I have paid thousands of dollars out of my pocket to keep the project alive and going. I know that a lot of users and companies out there get a lot of value, so I am hoping that a few might contribute a little bit to keep the lights on

    • Sponsors and donations can be made from GitHub Sponsors (not yet live at the time of writing)

    • If money does come in, then I would love to spend time on getting SOC1/2 compliant, deploy the application globally to address GDPR, and potentially include enterprise features such as SAML and teams (all these things are very expensive!)

  • Many would-be users expressed concern about have proof of the security of the product. In moving source available, there are more possibilities.

    • Users can audit the code

    • Users can run the code locally, in which case all data stays between the user's computer and Salesforce - nothing ever leaving

What's Next

Aside from everything above, there is a Desktop version of Jetstream in the works. This will be a great option for folks that don't want their encrypted-at-rest oauth2 tokens stored on the Jetstream server.

You tell me! Start a Discussion on Github, open issues, create a pull request - we would love to have you!