Jetstream is community supported and free to use

A better way towork on Salesforce

The Jetstream platform makes managing your Salesforce instances a breeze. Use Jetstream to work with your data and metadata to get your work done faster.

Jetstream is free to use thanks to the support of our community.

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Advanced tools

Everything you need to get the job done.

Jetstream was designed with speed and simplicity in mind and makes it easy to quickly perform the tasks you need to get done.

Unlimited org connections

Lots of Salesforce orgs? No problem.

Jetstream lets you connect as many Salesforce orgs as you want, providing a fast and secure way to switch between orgs.

Query Records

Explore the records in your org.

Use the most advanced query builder to easily explore your data model and quickly find the records you are looking for.

Load Records

Easily make changes to your record data.

Jetstream has a simple and powerful data loader without any usage limits.

You can even load related data to multiple objects at the same time.

Say goodbye to using complicated VLOOKUPS in Excel to load related data into Salesforce.

Automation Control

Review and toggle automation in your org.

Use Jetstream's Automation Control to view and toggle automation in your org.

Use this if you need to temporarily disable automation prior to a data load.

Permission Manager

Update field and object permissions.

Easily view and toggle field and object permissions across many objects for multiple profiles and permission sets at once.

Metadata Tools

Work with your orgs metadata.
  • Deploy metadata between orgs.
  • Compare metadata between orgs.
  • Add metadata to an outbound changeset.
  • Download metadata locally as a backup or make changes and re-deploy.

Developer Tools

Replace the Developer Console with Jetstream.
  • Easily execute anonymous Apex.
  • View debug logs from your org.
  • Submit API requests using the Salesforce API.
  • Subscribe to and publish Platform Events.

Jetstream is easily the most used Salesforce tool at my company. Forget about just loading data - it can move and compare metadata between orgs, manage field level security in bulk, and so much more. The best part is that Jetstream is intuitive enough for people without a Salesforce background to use. Our finance team loves it for quickly pulling reports. If only I had a dollar for every time someone asked, "What is that tool?!" while sharing my screen!

Logan Ganieany

Senior Salesforce Architect