Update records in bulk from the Query Results page

March 18, 2023

Now you can update your Salesforce queried records directly from the query results page. This is great when you want to make a simple update to a lot of records, such as updating a picklist value, clearing the value from a field, or setting the value of a field based on another field of the record.

Jetstream is now source available

January 23, 2023

Jetstream is now a source available project! Take a look through the codebase, file issues, help shape the future of the project.

Discovering changes made in your org from a long-running project

March 29, 2022

Jetstream makes it easy to get a list of all of the metadata in any of your orgs and you can see the user that last modified the metadata and the date it was last modified. If you have a long-running project and didn't keep track of what all the changes were along the way, Jetstream can help you determine all the modified metadata so that you can prepare your deployment.

Loading records: Using external ids to relate records

March 16, 2022

Migrating records between Salesforce orgs with complex relationships can be a complicated task. Learn how to use External Ids to simplify this process and avoid the need for using VLOOKUPs in you spreadsheet tool.